Kane Plantation Guesthouse is pleased to offer the services of Nikki Spencer, our in-house licensed Massage Therapist. Massage options include Aromatherapy, Swedish, Russian, Lomilomi, Acupressure and Reflexology. Advance reservations are required for massage and healing therapies. Guest may also enjoy our Sauna and Hot Tub from 10am until 8pm daily. We also provide yoga mats for use during your stay.

Relaxation 55 minutes, $120

Relaxation 85 minutes, $160

Pohaku Wela (hotrock) 75 minutes, $185

Reflexology 30 minutes, $75

Reiki (ancient healing art using subtle energies) 50 minutes, $120

Alii Accutonics: Sound healing with precision calibrated tuning forks attuned to the planetary frequencies and applied to bring the body into balance. This new field of harmonic medicine is extremely pleasurable, effective and transformational, and promotes healing and inner harmony. Full alignment 50 minutes, $120

RainDrop Therapy: This combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of massage with the application of essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. It is used to help straighten spinal curvatures and fight viruses. 50 minutes, $135

L I F E Vibrational Medicine:  Computerized Digital Vibrational Medicine.  Detect, analyze and treat your stress using advanced biofeedback. 75 minutes $180

To make an appointment, please contact us at info@KanePlantationHawaii.com

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